Real World, I’m Ready For You, Pt. 3

Drum roll please, my own personal portfolio is up and running!


Usability Will Keep Them Coming Back For More

Krug nails the perfect picture of usability when he states “nothing important should ever be more than two clicks away.” I speak on behalf of many when I say that I have left a website when searching for an answer or product if I had to spend more than a few seconds looking and click for what I was looking for. Even if I knew that website had what I was looking for. As embarrassing as that is to admit, I know that it speaks volumes about our short attention span, impatience, and, to be honest, laziness. And I realize these are not good traits to possess. Continue reading

Shop Local in #YeahTHATGreenville

Food / cooking / eating are some of my favorite hobbies so I had planned all semester to center my project around food in some way. Within the last year or so, I have really gotten into supporting small businesses. Not only is it an easy was to support the community, but often the quality of the product is so much better than what you would find in a large supermarket.

This slideshow works to capture the colors and warm / “down-home” feeling of small businesses and their products- all local of course!

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Below are five “before and after” pictures that I edited in photoshop. I didn’t make any drastic changes to my photos because I wanted to keep it feeling natural and unedited. The main changes made were to brighten and make the colors pop.

beanbarrel beanbarrel2 flowers flowers2 GFMsign GFMsign2 nuts nuts2 scale scale2